Hi, and thanks for stopping by my website. My solo CD is finally finished and you can listen to it right now on the music page. And you guessed right, it’s for sale! Email me for details. Also, around here somewhere are pictures, a gig schedule, a guestbook and stuff like that so check it out.

There’s some other fun stuff, too. I love traveling so I included some pictures from some of our trips. Just click the “travel” button and you’re off!

Also, I’ve been making wine since 2000 and I love that, too! Click on the “winery” button and you'll find all kinds of stuff about The Brennan Winery. There’s pictures of making our wine, drinking our award winning wine, some of our award winning wine labels and lots more.


Well, here it is! My first solo CD and I call it “Well, to begin with…” Thanks for coming and don't be a stranger. I'll be adding new stuff from time to time.

And a special thank you to my brother Tom and his daughter Kelly for all they did to create this site. -Don


Don's CD, "Well, to begin with..." is now available on iTunes!

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